Business Development Society of Singapore
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This is a group for anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship.

I started this group to support entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for ways to grow their business.

Our primary goal is to help small businesses learn more about ways to build and market their business and generate greater sales and results.

To do that, we'll be needing a culture and mindset of mutual growth, support & authenticity.

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Gary Guwe

Group Founder
Singapore Business Development Society
Art of Influence Coach


RULE #1 The BDS Meetup group welcomes any aspiring (ie employed, unemployed or studying) and/or current entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

RULE #2 The organizers and our partners take time out to plan, develop and execute the event.

Whilst we understand that plans may change, we ask that members who've committed to attending an event, or who've RSVP-ed to attend an event would follow through with their commitment to attend the event as committed or reflect your latest RSVP status with a clear yes/no.

In the event that you're unable to make it for an event after RSVP-ing with a yes, the polite and right thing to do would be to update it with a "No".

Last minute changes or "No-Shows" may see members removed from the group and banned from attending subsequent meetings.